Our vision is to take India forward one Kraft at a time. An aware India knows that transformation of governance cannot happen without the transformation of mindset.

To transform mindsets, we need transformative ideas. BlueKraft Digital Foundation will act as a bridge between many new and innovative ideas and those ideas taking shape on the ground, at the cutting edge of implementation, thereby achieving our collective goal of witnessing transformed governance.

To harness Indian talent and to empower Indian society by creating awareness and implementation of out-of-box ideas for social welfare in the fields of education, sports, charity, women and child empowerment, health and sanitation, culture and tourism, economics and finance, education and skills, conservation of environment, digital and social media, diaspora relationships.

To initiate and participate in welfare and development programmes for socio-economic progress through data analytics and information dissemination, entrepreneurship development, training for generation of skilled human resources in collaboration with various national and international organizations. To encourage and promote voter registration and turn out, participation in electoral process and to promote and ensure freedom of expression.

Our Objective

To effectively harness Indian talent and empower Indian society by creating awareness and implementing out-of-box ideas for social welfare.

Conservation and Preservation

Conservation and preservation of the environment through development and maintenance of plantations addressing issues on bio-diversity.

Training and

Training and inspiring citizens and members of civil society to organize and digitally empower themselves to create constructive, knowledge oriented neighbourhoods.

Dissemination Of

Dissemination of information relating to technological, social & other challenges faced by the citizens for developing an organized digitally empowered community.


Increasing civic awareness and encouraging participation in democracy, expressing opinions, ensuring voter registration and turnout.


Creating policy documents, research and white papers on public policy by using modern data science tools.

Research And

Conducting researches, surveys, polls, reviews and providing analytics and election campaign-related services.