New India Junction (NIJ) is an online YouTube channel that acts as a conversation channel between the change-makers of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

NIJ looks at topics that impact the country from the perspective of the youth and highlights the change-makers that are bringing about new ideas and innovation to India. The aim is to enable and engage the youth of our nation to voice their opinion and take action.

NIJ’s initiatives are:

NIJ Colleges: Debates, discussions and live events among students across India on current affairs and trending items of the nation.

NIJ Changemakers: One-on-one interviews with select entrepreneurs, influencers and industry leaders across the country.

NIJ Sports: Indian athletes get candid about support and their journeys. We most recently covered the Asian Games 2018 athletes including an interview with Hima Das and Vinesh Phogat.

NIJ Live: Live events are covered such as auditorium debates, political rallies, NIJ Changemakers Open Mic Events and more.

NIJ On the Street: NIJ heads out to the streets to ask citizens to voice their opinion on current affairs and other topics.

NIJ Scoop: Tributes to India’s influencers and change-makers both of yesterday and of today.

NIJ Hindi: Hindi events and changemaker interviews are captured.