New India Junction

New India Junction (NIJ) is an online YouTube channel that acts as a conversation channel between the change-makers of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

NIJ looks at topics that impact the country from the perspective of the youth and highlights the change makers that are bringing about new ideas and innovation to India. The aim is to enable and engage the youth of our nation to voice their opinion and take action.
New India Junction, where the ‘Can-Do Generation’ ignites the flame of leadership, for today’s youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the architects shaping the glorious future of our great nation.

At New India Junction, we recognise the significance of keeping young minds well-informed, engaged, and actively involving them in the noble endeavour of nation-building. With a youth-centric approach, we bridge the gap between government policies and India’s dynamic youth.

New India Debates: Engaging debates on pressing topics, diverse viewpoints, all happening on college campuses nationwide, where the Indian youth’s voice shapes the opinion.
New India Debates Presentations: In this segment, we showcase experts and their insights on transformations within their respective domains driven by government intervention and policies. Learn how the government’s actions positively impact and transform India.

NIJ Podcast: Hosted by Dr. Ananya Awasthi, the ‘NIJ Podcast’ is a platform for insightful one-on-one conversations with domain experts. We delve into the government’s pivotal role in various sectors and how their contributions are shaping India’s future. To infuse an element of fun and ensure our discussions are both engaging and informative, we sprinkle in quirky trivia.

Real Story with Richa Anirudh: ‘Real Story with Richa Anirudh’ offers a unique perspective on current political developments. We delve deep to provide the real story, to bring you the real story behind the headlines, enabling you to form your opinions with the power of facts and credible information.

NIJ Bottomline: Our ‘NIJ Bottomline’ series stands as your go-to destination for an in-depth exploration of contemporary issues. We provide a comprehensive view of the latest national and international developments, equipping our audience with the knowledge and insight necessary for them to actively participate in constructive and informed discussions that shape the future of our great nation.

NIJ Classroom: ‘NIJ Classroom’ features explainer videos on significant trends in India’s development journey. Our mission is to simplify even the most complex subjects, making it relatable for everyone.

Together, let’s empower the youth, expand their horizons, and collectively shape a brighter future for New India.

Stay tuned and stay informed with New India Junction!

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